Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Debit Card?

Debit card is a payment instrument that is linked to a deposit account, current account, savings account or other similar account at a financial institution that can be used-

  • To pay for goods and services; or
  • To withdraw cash from automated teller machine or withdraw cash at participating retail outlets through debit card usage by debiting the user's account; or
  • For purposes of (i) and (ii) above

How do I apply for Debit Card?

Debit card can be applied directly with the bank over the counter or via online platform. Kindly contact your bank or visit for further details.

What are the advantages of using a Debit Card?
  • Eliminate the need to carry cash and or issue cheques
  • Enjoy various incentives and reward programmes
  • Help to better manage your finances and tracking of expenditure as compared to cash payment as usage of debit card deducts directly from your bank account
  • Better security purposes as stolen debit cards can be directly reported to the bank for immediate deactivation and investigation for fraudulent activities to minimise monetary loss

How to make purchases with my Debit Card?

Debit cards can be used to make purchases at merchants who accepts debit card as a form of payment by entering your 6-digit PIN or via contactless payment for purchase below RM250.00.

What kind of costs are associated with Debit Card?

Banks issue various form of debit cards with differing features. Customers are encouraged to check with the respective banks and choose a debit card that is best suited for their lifestyle and requirements.

Are Debit Cards generally accepted by most retailers?

Debit cards are generally accepted by most retailers in Malaysia.

Some Debit Cards come with “rewards” or other incentives. How do I know which one is a good deal?

There are a variety of incentives and reward programmes offered by the banks that will suit different customer's needs. For further information regarding the different incentives and reward programmes of the debit cards, please refer to

Is there a minimum spend to use Debit Card?

There is no minimum spend to use debit card.

How do I choose a right Debit Card for me?

Choosing the right debit card ultimately depends on the customer's preferences and needs. For example, the following factors can be taken into consideration:

  • Benefits and features, including various incentives and reward schemes, offered by the respective banks
  • Annual fees and charges
  • Convenience and accessibility in terms of ability to withdraw cash from worldwide locations and customer support
  • Other terms and conditions imposed by the banks