Unauthorised Card Surcharge

Merchants are not allowed to impose a surcharge or set minimum purchase amount on debit card or credit card payment. The prohibition on surcharges is monitored and enforced by banks that provide e-payment facilities to merchants.

How to lodge a complaint

You may lodge a complaint to the merchant acquirer who provides payment card acceptance facility to the retailer or alternatively to your payment card issuer.


Information required (Please refer to the images below)


Your personal details (e.g. full name, NRIC number, phone number)


Full name and address of merchant


Name of the merchant acquirer – institution that provides payment terminals


Evidence that the merchant is imposing a surcharge or minimum purchase amount

How to submit a complaint?

Lodge your grievance with the merchant acquirer who provides the facility of payment card acceptance to the retailer or to the one who issues your payment card.

  1. Visit https://telelink.bnm.gov.my/ to access the online form
  2. Select the name of the merchant acquirer or payment card issuer from the list of ‘Institutions’
  3. Fill in the form and provide details of the complaint as stated above; and
  4. Click on ‘Submit’

Please take note of the below:

  1. Lodging a complaint facilitates merchant acquirers to take necessary actions ensuring merchants cease imposing surcharges or minimum purchase amount on payment card transactions.
  2. This does not guarantee the complainant will receive a refund of any surcharge paid to the merchant.
  3. Customers who do not wish to pay a surcharge or the minimum purchase amount imposed are advised to purchase goods and services from merchants who do not impose a surcharge or the minimum purchase amount.

For further information and enquiries, please contact BNM Telelink Contact Centre at 1300-88-5465 or e-mail to [email protected]